Lean On Me

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So I had a conversation with the man that I love very recently and he asked me this. What do you believe in? Of course I replied back. And today this morning I came across this song and it sums up pretty good what I believe in. So I wanted to share with you the following.
I have always loved this song…. Lean On Me.
I hope that this is the world that is coming. That we are coming to be, despite all the rage the violence, the killing, the hatred, and differences. For it is our differences that make us unique and set’s us apart from everybody… But what brings us together that binds us is what is deep in our soul and in our hearts where we know what is right and what is wrong and what our truths are….we only need to get out of our, analytical, heads,. our headspace and quit judging and criticizing others and quit rationalizing our actions and that of others. Period. For bad decisions are wrong decisions. Bad Behavior is Bad Behavior. Own Up to it, take responsibility for it. This is called accountability. We all know s_ _t happens and life ain’t easy and we all make mistakes, and until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. Just saying.
Now with that said. I am not saying let’s give everyone a pass to walk all over you, shoot, kill, robbed, rape you get the point…for that is not acceptable behavior. Period. and there are always consequences for our actions. All of us. There are no exceptions… For every action there is a reaction..that is how it is. It is one of the laws of nature… But when it comes to our family, friends, acquaintances, and those who do cross our path and in need of someone to just reach out with a smile a kind word. Or help in whatever way your circumstances will allow then wow. What a world this could be.

A world in which we all help one another through it… To overcome and rise above. In hard times, bad times, really really bad times through the devastation and in the good times too. Be that helping hand encouraging voice.
I ask that whoever believes and or has hope and dreams of this dream join me now and send prayers, thoughts, intentions for this to become our world. This my dear friends and ones that I dearly love, this is what I believe in…and is my hope for the future.. and so it is…so be it. Amen. Claim this now type below Yes or Amen, So Be It whichever you feel inclined to…

And So It Is!

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