Light Gallery

These images are infused with Divine Reiki Energy co created with the divine by Reãudan to promote Spiritual & Physical Health & Well Being

Each of these images are to help bring about feelings of general well being and each have a specific energy that is infused in the creating of them using Divine Reiki Energy. There is no wrong way of experiencing them or wrong image for you. Just trust yourself to pick one that feels right that resonates with you. Then click on the Image you have picked in order to open it up to view. Below are instructions on how to help you experience Energy to the highest extent possible. They are particularly good at anchoring the energy into your being to help support you and allow you to release stuff that is bogging you down, pilling up, overwhelming, or burdening you. They are designed to give you relief.

Instructions on how to use these Energy Images.

The images found here on my site are my gift to you. Pick the one you are drawn to. Click on that image it will come up on your screen. You will want to be in a place where you have a few minutes to take for yourself. Preferably in a quiet environment not driving or operating machinery other than your computer or smart device. Preferably seated so you can relax and fully absorb & take advantage of the Divine Energy being sent to you. Once it is up begin by gauzing into the center of the image begin to become aware of your breathing allow yourself to absorb the Divine Energy being sent to you that is infused in the image with each breath that you take.. As you breathe in you are filling your lungs and body up with the Energy as it flows throughout your body with the oxygen. Flowing into your lungs, into your blood system traveling into every part of your body, every part of your being. Into the tissues of your muscles, your bones, your nerves into every cell in your body, every particle of your being every proton, neutron, and atom. Now as you breathe out allow your body to relax & release the carbon dioxide from your body. Exhaling letting go of all the toxins, all the negative ions, all the stress, strain, and disease that has build up and you have stored on a cellular level in your body. Allow yourself to begin to let go now of all the things in your life that no longer serve you, that is keeping you from living the life your truly want. take a moment now to experience the being you are truly meant to be. The Divine being that you truly are. Allow your mind to become quiet. Allow yourself to settle into the center of your being where you are connected to The Divine, to God, to Source, to All That Is. Into that place that is all-knowing.That place where you connect to your Higher Self. That place where we are all one, connected with the Universe, with Creator. With All That Is…. Feel the Divine Energy that is Love & Light. That which is our Life Force Energy as it fills you up and revitalizes you. If you wish to close your eyes that is fine. Your higher self will guide you as you continue to breathe in the Energy rejuvenating, regenerating, restructuring, and repairing your spiritual and physical body. As Your Higher Self Knows Exactly What You need. When you are fully in that state truly connect to Source and all that is take a moment to ask what it is you truly want. Ask yourself now What is your Heart’s Desire. Just take some time to See, or Feel, or Hear or just Know what that is. When your process feels complete you will become gently and fully aware of your surroundings, fully grounded and fully present. Fully here and Fully now. Taking as long as you need to absorb and process. Make note of this new way of being in your body relaxed & revitalized. Connected to Source. Know now that you are Loved and Supported by the Divine as you go about each and every moment of your Life….. Take time to experience and fully feel the Divine Love each and every time you take in a breath as it fills your body and fuels your Life Force, your Chi…….. Know that you can now begin to live your life Divinely. Capable of Having your Heart’s Desire… For You are Loved and you are never alone.
Go forth and Live Divinely experiencing a New Way of Being and Living. You are Divine!!!!!
So Much Love

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