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I started out in 1982 in the field of Physical Therapy as a Licensed Health Care Professional, as I began to practice when putting my hands on someone, particularly those in pain and discomfort I would experience sensations in the palms of my hands and fingertips. I felt either an increase of warmth or a vibration buzzing sensation. At that time I understood the Electric Magnetic System of the body as taught by the traditional Western Medical models taught in School. But the full spectrum and gravity of this system were not taught, not realized, understood nor acknowledge at that time. My curiosity and quest for knowledge and truth guided me to experiment. I noticed that when I moved my hands in a certain direction the sensations I felt would intensify or decrease and this was verified by my patience as they would say they felt relief or an increase in pain that correlated with the movement of my hands. Some even experience the sensations. I also learned that if I focused my intention on increasing the sensation of warmth or vibration to the area of pain or discomfort it would decrease the pain or discomfort even more. Eventually, I began to hear about Energy Work and knew that this was what I was sensing and what I was already doing intuitively with my patients, friends, and loved ones. During this period I was also doing a lot of my own soul searching & personal, emotional healing. I discovered the body had these energy centers call Chakras which also corresponded to and located in the areas around the major organs, and meridians which corresponded to the trigger points of the nervous system where nerves innervated a muscle or muscle group.

In 1992 fate lead me to the Reiki Master who initiated me. Finally a name to what I had been feeling & doing. Soon I began My Reiki Practice on family & friends & later my physical therapy clients. Over the years I learned much about the physical body & the physical mechanics on which it operates, the importance of deep tissue, muscle stretching, movement, & other manual hands-on therapy techniques in the approach to physical healing & alleviating the body of physical pain through correcting & re-educating the body. More importantly, I found over the years in my quest for spiritual truth & exploration of Metaphysical Knowledge that there is so much more to us than our physical bodies & that our brain which we know relatively little about houses our subconscious mind which takes in every little thing we come across in life, interprets it & files it into the assimilation of information known as the way we perceive the world. Our Map Of Reality is unique to the experiences we have & what we are exposed to. What most don’t know is we have energetic bodies that are our energetic makeup. This fact has only in recent years been validated by Western Medicine. It is based on the vibrational rate of our molecules & atoms & all that stuff that is called our physiological makeup. This too affects our health & well-being our vitality. You see we are much much more complex than first imagined. The tools & technology we now have, prove all of what Eastern Practitioners have been doing & telling us for decades. So much of the bodies’ physical manifestation of pain & disease is not only dependent on the physical mechanics of the body but the electric magnetic system on which our bodies thrive & require for function & life. Our Life Force.

I have undergone & continue to undergo a great personal journey of spiritual awakening & transformations as I move from one life situation to the next. My path has been one of seeking personal truth & enlightenment. Much to my delight & the delight of my clients I have learned many techniques for spiritual health & well-being. I am constantly developing my skills, my bag of tools & integrating them into the treatment of my clients. While I no longer practice Physical Therapy I understand fully the importance of physical medicine & advocate for it when needed. I have found however that the need for spiritual growth, health, vitality & well-being is so great & absolutely necessary in this ever-changing & evolving world that we live in. We are no longer human beings but conscious beings seeking spiritual truth, enlightenment & eternal wisdom. We as a species are realizing that many of our physical Diseases are not only a result of physical trauma but of emotional & mental trauma from experiences or situations in life that have left emotional & mental impressions & scars on our Psyche. We hold this energy in our bodies on a cellular, vibrational, & subconscious level which keeps us holding to past issues & patterns that hold us victim to our physical manifestations “DIS-EASES”. We have ignored our Spiritual Health for too long & more & more people are turning to alternative methods to help manage their Total Health.

In 2002 I sought out a Master to complete my Reiki training so that I could become a Master/Teacher. Now through the web, I am available for Reiki Sessions & Spiritual Guidance & Release Sessions to anyone in need. Make no mistake over the years I have helped many people with the Physical Rehabilitation of their bodies. Now it is time to help many many more on a spiritual & emotional level through the process I call Spiritual Transformation.

We live in an amazing time. Our lives have changed vastly. Everything from our technology to our way of living. We live in an age of change as our world moves into a new paradigm. Shifting from the old into the new. We are awakening to new ways of living and being in this world where energy is shifting. The vibration of our planet is shifting it is vibrating at a higher vibrational rate and we as human beings are aware of shifts in our consciousness becoming more aware of the fact that we are much more than just human beings we are Spiritual Beings. Isn’t it time for you to discover a new way of being… Awaken to your true Divine Self…….. I can help you with this process.

Committed to helping you through the darkness and into the light


TESTIMONIAL “Reaudan has been a powerful source of healing for me for several years. She has assisted in anchoring my energy, helping me to center, supporting my grounding and opening me to higher wellness. I am beyond grateful for her profound presence in my life.”………….. Marci Winters,Astrologer/ Author/ Filmmaker/ Yoga Instructor/ Austin,Texas

TESTIMONIAL “My session with Reãudan felt like an energetic and cellular initiation as well as a true blessing Reãudan is so gifted and seems to have a direct line to source. I was guided back to a closer connection with my higher self, and shown how to have a greater sense of contact with all that can support me from the hidden realms. Reãudan’s work is a beautiful and necessary medicine for this world in these times.” ……… Nina Hart, Writer/ Asheville, North Carolina

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