Welcome to the Sanctuary Of Divine Love And Light

The Sanctuary Of Divine Love & Light resides deep inside each and everyone of us…….Reãudan


I am Reaudan Lady Of Love And Light

Transformation and Energetic healing are what I offer you.

I am an Expert In Overcoming Adversity, for I have faced and overcome many traumatic and devastating life-shattering, life-threatening events in my own life’s journey, and I am here to help see you through yours. I am a hand reaching out to you.

I am a Shamanic Holistic Spiritual, Physical Health & Wellness Practitioner. I have been Practicing Alternative Health & Wellness for about 30 years now
I am a Transformational Spiritual & Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and Reiki Master/ Teacher. I am a conduit a channel of Divine Love & Light. I am a Light-Worker, a way show-er, I am also a retired Licensed Health Care Professional with over 26 years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy with 8 of those years spent in Mental & Behavioral Health Care.
Once retired I began to integrate and incorporate my unique and varied experiences in Physical, Mental & Behavioral Medicine and the skills and tools I have gained in Non-Traditional Alternative Modes Of Medicine.
I now practice my own approach to Healing based on my own self-healing journey and all my professional experiences. My approach to health and well-being is Shamanic as I use the tools, gifts and methods I h, have adapted with my clients over many years of practice. I feel that every person is different so there is not one skill set I utilize rather I draw from many.

My philosophy is that as we heal from the inside out we impact not only our own lives But Those and the world around us… I have only one requirement when taking you on as a client and that is That you take responsibility for your own healing for I am only the facilitator.

 The Sanctuary of Divine Love & Light is a nonprofit I founded in 2016 wherein all services provided are by donations/ love offerings

 as a means of energy exchange for the services received.  
The services offered are geared toward healing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies which is vital in shifting out of your situation, your circumstances the energy you are stuck so to begin the healing process in order to move forward in your life. This is so very important and needed now more than ever before, given these channeling times that we live in, where so many people are struggling in so many areas of their lives.


Reiki or any other services or information on this site is in no way a replacement or substitution for Medical Treatment. I do not claim to heal you, that is between you and the Divine. I can guide you & share my wisdom with you. The degree to which you achieve relief is totally dependent on your openness & willingness to really look within & let go of emotional baggage, fear, hurt, anger, grief, sadness, shame & blame. It is also dependent on your willingness to accept & begin to practice a new way of being & reacting to the world around you. The Reiki Energy & the other techniques of guided meditation I use are in the very least relaxing & stress relieving & will leave you feeling revitalized & regenerated. At the Maximum extent, it is a TOTAL NEW WAY OF BEING.

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