Welcome to the Sanctuary Of Divine Love And Light

The Sanctuary Of Divine Love & Light resides deep inside each and everyone of us…….Reãudan

A Guided Meditation by Reãudan to help take you to The Sanctuary Of Divine Love & Light that resides within you, connecting you to that part of self that is Divine and part of Source. Your truest and highest aspect of self. That part of you that is all-knowing, all healing, and total and complete unconditional love. Your higher self.

Before you begin please find a quiet space where you can relax and rest setting comfortably undisturbed for a short period of time. I also recommend strongly that you drink a glass of water before & after to help revitalize & rejuvenate the physiological makeup of your physical body.

With that said: Setting with your body in good alignment with feet resting on the floor, hands, and arms resting comfortably at your side. Allow yourself to be guided by the sound of my voice now when you are ready push the play arrow below and then begin by closing your eyes.


Reiki or any other services or information on this site is in no way a replacement or substitution for Medical Treatment. I do not claim to heal you, that is between you and the Divine. I can guide you & share my wisdom with you. The degree to which you achieve relief is totally dependent on your openness & willingness to really look within & let go of emotional baggage, fear, hurt, anger, grief, sadness, shame & blame. It is also dependent on your willingness to accept & begin to practice a new way of being & reacting to the world around you. The Reiki Energy & the other techniques of guided meditation I use are in the very least relaxing & stress relieving & will leave you feeling revitalized & regenerated. At the Maximum extent, it is a TOTAL NEW WAY OF BEING.

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