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Lady of Love and Light

“I have walked through the fire & want to help any & all who need help.
I am that hand reaching out to you in light and in love to share with you the healing source that is divinely and inherently yours and is of The Divine. You have only to reach out to ask for it.”

Who Is Reãudan and what can Reãudan offer Me you may be asking.

I am a Reiki Master & Spiritual Minister Of Divine Love & Light
I am very Shamanic in my approach to health and healing.
I am here to listen to you & assist you by sharing my wisdom and insights with you, based on the Divine Wisdom that is inherently ours by Divine Right & the lessons that my own life experiences have taught.

We as human beings take on so much stuff in our lives beliefs/thoughts, emotions/anger & feelings/sorrow and we hold them in our body and we are totally unaware of this and as we go through life this energy that we are holding in our cells in our cellular memory keeps drawing and attracting more of the same energy like a giant magnet. This energy stacks on top of and grows and grows and your body falls out of balance out of that state called homeostasis where your body is balanced and functioning and maintaining perfect health. It is when our bodies fall out of homeostasis that we begin to feel sick, illness, and or dis-ease in our body. Our bodies become in a state of distress. My intent is to help you begin to recognize this and to guide you and facilitate the process of transformation. Through this process of transformation, you can release and let go of all the stuff you have taken on and into your Physical & Spiritual Bodies. It is important that you understand this concept we are energetic beings we are made up of matter. particles, atoms, neutrons, protons, and electrons, All vibrating at specific speeds in order to make up our physiological bodies, our musculoskeletal, nervous systems, and all the other systems of our physical bodies specific to our own unique DNA pattern. Not to mention our spiritual bodies that vibrate at an even higher rate of vibration and expanse out into The Universe, to The Divine, and to Source where we are all connected and are one….. This is basic and proven Biology. The key words being specific to our unique DNA pattern. Not to mention our spiritual bodies that vibrate at an even higher rate of vibration and expands out into The Universe, and out into Source, to ALL THAT IS where we are all connected and are all one….. As I said this is basic and proven Biology and now validated and expanded upon even further by newer studies of Sciences such as Quantum Physics, Biogenetics, Microbiome, Sacred Geometry. Point being we are discovering more and more about the dynamics of our human bodies and our very exitance and our interconnectedness to that which I and many call “all that is”, “the universe”,” the vast unknown” for lack of a better term for it as well as lack of total understanding. As I said newer Studies Of Sciences are discovering all the time new things about the dynamics between us as human beings and the vast unknown, thankfully.

As a Spiritual Minister Of Divine Light:

I will advise you & guide you in your quest for Spiritual Health & Well Being over the phone, via Skype, or online. I will guide you through the process of unlocking & releasing old patterns and thought-forms from pent up emotions and negative thoughts and feelings that you are holding on to and carrying around with you in your body on a cellular level throughout this lifetime and from times long past from your maternal and paternal ancestral bloodlines. Sometimes in utero. These beliefs have manifested them self’s in your life as bad habits and or beliefs about how you and others perceive you and your reaction and dealing with the world around you. These beliefs shape your copping mechanism and affect the way in which you handle life situations and the people around you. More than likely they have manifested in your bodies as negative energies causing physical pain and illness.

I will help you begin to transform the negativity, stress, strain, and feelings of not being _________. I will help you see the old way you have been operating and living your life……Cleaning and clearing so that you begin to live your life in a new clearer, more concise, and positive manner….. No longer living your life from a place of sadness, guilt, anger, fear, or loneliness. Once you clear out the old outdated foundation that you built your life upon you can clear the way to rebuild, restructure, revamp your life. You will be surprised, for as you change and begin living in the light and love of positivity verse negativity and fear and anger. Others around you will begin to react and interact with you in a different way no matter how subtle these changes are in the beginning, the greater they will become and impact your life and others in your life in a more conducive, loving, caring, compassionate way. It is the ripple effect starting with you first and then it will expand outwards into the life of others.. Are you ready for A New Way Of Being and Living Your Life? A World, full of possibilities. No more limitations. The choice is yours the time is now.

When you or your loved ones are in need of the power of prayer I will be a prayer warrior for you sending Light and Love to you and the ones you love and care for to help ease the pain, the stress, the strife, & the struggles you face in your lives.

As a Reiki Master:

I will do Divine Reiki Sessions with you over the phone or via Skype or online sending you energy from Source, God, The Divine. I act as a conduit, a channel for you to connect and receive the energy. In other words, I am the go-between you and Source, God, The Divine to help focus the energy to you.

When doing Divine Reiki or Spiritual Sessions over the phone I ask that you be in a place where you can relax and close your eyes preferably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed during the session. Sitting or lying down. I ask will that you have an intention in mind of what you would like to work on. I also ask that take responsibility for your own healing & that you allow yourself to be guided and to be opened to The Light…The White Light…….The Universal Light that which gives us +++++++++Life……It is the Life Source………… Through this, I will guide you and connect you to Source, God, The Divine, The Creator, All That Is so that you can experience your own connection and have your own personal experience…..I do not look at your journey only the energy, and the light for you while you are there deep inside yourself in your connectedness to the Source. I allow your guides & angelic beings as well as mine to guide you on your inward journey. I see colors as well as see & scene energy this allows me to send you the Divine light and revitalizing energy that you need in order to bring balance and well being into you and your life so to bring Homeostasis / Health and Well Being back into your body, your being, and your life.

This Divine Energy Image and other images by Reãudan are for sale in Reãudan’s Divine Energy Gallery on this site


  DONATIONS / LOVE OFFERINGS made below are To Support The Sanctuary Of Divine Love & Light in the Operational Cost of Empowering and Healing Humanity which include advertising, marketing, equipment, education and educational products, and contracting services to create, edit and produce content and so much more for the higher good ………. TE SKY IS THE LIMIT

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To schedule, an appointment fill out the form directly below. Please refer to the Rate List below before scheduling. Please note in comments if you will be using skype, messenger or phone for you session and information required to connect for example if messenger you will have to go to @ladyofloveandlight and message me in order to use that app for your call, or if using your phone your number so I can call you. ** Please note that Donations must be received prior to your scheduled session. I will send an email/ reply to you once I get your Request on how to make your donation via PayPal or Venmo. Once received you will get another reply with confirmation of your scheduled session. If you are outside the United States please let me know in the comments below* 

You will then receive your Session confirmation email from me. I will try my best to accommodate you with the date or time you need if able. If we need to consider a different date or time I will send you a email letting you know and include a few recommended times once you reply back I will send a confirmation. 

 All  services are provided through donations, love offerings to be made through PayPal or Venmo. If this is not an option for you please indicate when scheduling in the Comments below and I will contact you about making alternate payment arrangements if available.

Session are not refundable once confirmed but may be rescheduled within a reasonable time frame or transferred to family.



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Online Services

Recommended Donations 

            Based on the current market rates              15 min session/$27.75 US  

20 min session/$37 US

30 min session/$55.50 US

45 min session/$83.25 US

60 min session/$111 US

90 min session/$166.50 US 

 Minimal Donations 

 based on  that which I am willing to donate my services, skills, wisdom, experience and time for as my contribution.. my service to humanity.

15 min session/$15.75 US  

20 min session/$20 US

30 min session/$30 US

45 min session/$40 US

60 min session/$60 US

90 min session/$90 US  

Many Blessings to you and your loved ones and may you be shrouded in Love & Light and stay safe and protected each and every moment always…Lady Of Love And Light, Reãudan/Roberta Lowery



WHAT TO EXPECT: Sessions may vary that is strictly depending on you but for most, the phone session will be 30 min to 45 min session which is what I recommend, but I do offer longer up to 1 hour and 30 mins depending on your needs and as little as 15 mins.

90 mins is a Transmuting Session that most people require at first for very deep soul cleansing and releasing.
60 mins is an Expansive Session that most people require when they have reoccurring issues that keep coming up for them in their daily life and require some inner work.
45 mins is a Deep Session that most people require when they are working on inner emotional, mental, spiritual issues.
30 mins is a Relaxing Session and will put you in a very relaxed and regenerative state.
15 mins is a Grounding Session that most people need if they are stressed, anxious, feeling restless, feeling insecure or, overwhelmed.
20 min Crisis Session I also will do. This is where I will just send you energy to help you through your crisis whatever that may be. I will talk you through the Crisis or emergency. I will immediately start sending you energy and instruct you in the process of breath and connecting you to Source. I will act as a conduit that will connect you with source, life force energy. I will be sending and holding the energy for you until I feel the energy is complete for your Crisis. I will stay on the line with you as I talk you through your process of calming and settling down and focusing and centering yourself so as to begin to shift out of your Crisis state and into a state that will help you cope and deal with your situation. I will continue sending you light and holding you in Love along with your angles and guides that work with you all the time to help you and guide you through your crisis.

Please make note of this you will need to drink plenty of water after so that you can rid your body of toxins and all that it is releasing and letting go of. So have a glass of water when your call so you can drink afterward. Remember these sessions are cleansing.

Cleansing is what happens on a physical and spiritual and emotional level and water is required to cleans to wash away. Everyone’s body and self react in different ways some will feel tremendously better and light and unburden. This is usually so for the crisis, the spot, and the regenerative sessions. Others will experience deeper emotional and physical release. Feeling good during and afterward and maybe a little under the weather after that’s when the real process takes root have no fear this is a good thing a really really good thing for you are releasing and letting go.

You may be more emotional and sensitive as well do not be alarmed you are really releasing deep deep emotional stuff to include fears for after all fear is only emotion holding us back. No worries all is good and you will feel lighter and free and regenerated and revitalized. The extent of the effects of your sessions depends upon you and how much you open up to this and what you are willing to release and let go of.

Please nurture and love your self and in return LOVE and LIFE you shall receive……..As you give so shall you receive…This Is Truth ​
Namaste………Aho………..God Bless………….
Love and Light to You and Yours

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