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Thinking There Has TO Be A Better Way … I am here to tell you there is. I know this because I have gone through devastating traumatic life-threatening situations and many other tower moments, periods where my world was turned upside down and survived and healed and transformed and learned from these events, and situations. I have experienced such events many times over and have survived, overcome, and transformed my life. Truly A Phoenix Rising and now soaring. I am here to share with you my wisdom, my story but more importantly the tools and gifts I have gathered over the many years on my life journey, My Life Path. I will share with you right now the Secrets I have learned TRUST & LOVE!

It is all about learning to trust your intuition, your inner voice which is your Higher Self…….That gut Feeling……..

Start trusting it…….. and begin to learn how to truly be Love which begins with you learning to Love Yourself, putting yourself first, making your needs a priority, taking care of yourself first, recognizing your worth, value, and the fact that you are a Divine Being in a human body on this planet known as Earth/Mother Earth… in this vast infinite Universe where Divine Creation happens through Source all that is. This Source is known to many throughout our time on this planet as Father Sky, Creator, God, The Universe, Allah, The Divine, and so many other names. Unseen, all-knowing, all-seeing. A Being/Entity, a powerful force, a Masculine Energy Influence upon our world, our Galaxy and beyond. An influence so powerful it has impacted us since the creation of our planet Earth, Mother Earth, Gaia, a living organism, an entity formed during creation. A Feminine Energy and influence upon our world. Birthing, nurturing, feeding, housing us scolding us with her wrath in retaliation for our inconsideration, our disrespect, abuse, and total disregard for all of life, all the created beings of this earth that she has conceived, birthed with The Creator, Source, God. We call and feel her wrath through the devastation brought on by weather events. Think of the weather if you will as the emotions exhibited in each of the seasons as we move through the cycles of life and of our world. Growth, I am sure we can all agree, as we evolve and learn our truths of who we truly are.

I hope to share with you and awaken the wisdom that is within our grasps, the wisdom that has always been there within yourself…..

Many Blessings to you and your loved ones.
Roberta Lowery, Reãudan Lady Of Love And Light

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