Transformational Coaching Exercise by Reãudan

Transformational Coaching Exercise by Reaudan, Lady Of Love And Light/Roberta Lowery

The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to begin to see how the only thing stopping you are your thought patterns… What it is you believe to be true about yourself.. and explore where it is you picked up this belief… and if it is something that you truly believe about yourself or better still do you want to believe this about yourself… When you get down to the nitty-gritty…it becomes a sobering discovery that can impact and change your life.

So today we are going to look at that one thing that you are stressing over…

What issue, trigger, obstacle, are you facing right now.. be it with a person, situation or event.

So I am going to ask you to identify it.
Ask yourself What was it, and The How it made you feel questions.

Then think back to how it made you feel and write this down and later journal about it.

Then how is the way in which you reacted making you feel right now?

So if you want to get a pen and paper or a journal if you have one and if you’re not really into it then just take in the information because it’s gonna give you some food for thought. Remember you can always come back to this on the replay with your pen and paper/journal at a later time t so no worries. Also can checkout my Podcast titled KC Armstrong Interviews Reaudan Lady Of Love And Light by Meet The Elite Podcast
Aug 18, 2021, where I take you on an inner guided journey to feel into this.

We are going, to begin with, this question.
What is holding you back? The Answer to this is pure and simple. It is you. I say this because obstacles were meant to go around, over, through, or simply moved out of your way period. It is up to you as to whether you are going to let them stop you or not?

So with that said …When looking at this subject you have to begin by asking yourself what are you being held back from doing. TAKE A MOMENT…… What is it that you are being held back from? Once you realize, know the answer to that, then the next logical thing to do is make a list of those things that you see as holding you back.

Then take a look at those things. Make two lists. The 1st one will be of things you think you can change and 2nd those you can not change.

Next, look at each of these things and write down how you think you can change it, and on the other spectrum those that you do not think you can change then write down why it is that you do or do not think you can change these.

Then go back to that list and write down why you believe that.

From the answers to why you believe that you will have your list of strengths and weaknesses.

So the strengths you are going to optimize them by making them work for you. Putting them to work in achieving what you want…

That leaves your weaknesses.

You are going to focus on your weakness and what it is you believe about yourself in regards to this weakness or inability.

The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to begin to see how the only thing stopping you are your thought patterns… What it is you believe to be true about yourself.. and explore where it is you picked up this belief… and if it is something that you truly believe about yourself or better still do you want to believe this about yourself… When you get down to the nitty-gritty…it becomes a sobering discovery that can impact and change your life. This process and others like it are so important in getting you to this point of discovery so that you can transform this self-limiting, self-sabotaging, negative thinking and transmute the build-up of energy that is an accumulation of feelings, memories, experiences, thoughts, and or statements that have been reinforced by you through what you have told your self over and over again or that you have heard from sources outside yourself that have influenced your life…. be it from parents, siblings, friends, other family members, teachers, neighbors, news, Tv films, documentaries, social media all form of media written, audio and or video… These are all influencers .and have played a major role in reinforcing these Beliefs about why you can not…

What most people do not understand is this, we are all like sponges absorbing everything that we have been exposed to throughout our lives from the moment we are born.

Our mind is busy like a recorder recording every single thing we come across, every little thing and detail, from there it analyzes, compartmentalizes, categorizes, stores if files it, computes and interprets it… based on how you experienced it and the information you gathered about it… This computing is how your mind has analyzed, rationalized, stored, and filed your experiences… and this becomes your map of reality specific to you and your interpretation based on information and experiences you have had thus far… All these things are impressions, imprints that formulate a story a picture about yourself, your environment and the world around you, and the universe…

So part of this process is taking a look at when, and where these thought patterns, beliefs, formed and are they true for you? Do you really believe them to be your truth? And if they are not, let’s as I like to say, hit clear, alt, and delete, and look at it in a different way. One which, will bring a successful outcome for you, and impact your life in a positive productive light… Now with that said it is important that you know it is not going to be instantaneous but it can be… It is like playing a sport, some will have a natural ability, and others will have to develop it by practice, practice, practice, by trying on a new way of being in your life…

Another thing we tend not to realize is that there are infinite possibilities and with the right mindset thought patterns anything is possible… we are only limited by our thoughts and our beliefs based on our exposure and experiences…

So my friends you got work to do…

Get you a journal or voice recorder or on video whichever you prefer. Ask yourself the above questions, make your lists. Dissect what is on your list I recommend doing this via journaling… And look back on who or what was your influencer…..

And from there we will begin to deconstruct and reconstruct these beliefs and our Thought patterns…

The reason this is so important is that our thoughts are so powerful, more powerful than we ever realized…

So Important takeaways

What you keep thinking about persist…

If you are perseverating going over and over in your mind about let’s say something your stressing out about or worrying about in a negative manner guess what you are giving energy to this in a negative manner and fearing worrying about something is like a big magnet attracting more of this type of energy to the situation the equation…Think about it….what was the last thing you worried about…how did you feel in your physical body, your mind, your emotions, and your overall outlook impacting your overall energy… Boy for me the last thing was a doozie…… I was so stressed out, exhausted, irritable, and highly reactive, and not in a nice way, my neck and shoulders were in knots and my heart was heavy I was Anxious and worried and kept going over and over in my mind getting very little sleep, I wasn’t hungry but I kept in my head wanting something to eat and didn’t know what. This persisted Until it didn’t. Until I decided to stop and utilize all the tools at my disposal. But first I had to decide to take a brief time out and pause, consciously choosing to stop, breathe, focus and stop the madness… By hitting pause, clear, alt, and delete. By looking at what was triggering my stress, I saw what was up for me. What self-limiting, self-sabotaging, negative thought patterns were up for me right now.

Here I have to say we as human beings have many layers and layers and layers of what is called the proverbial onion to get through when we start delving into our stuff… And our stuff will keep surfacing, so to come to our attention until we get to the core of it the heart of it… It (our stuff) rears its ugly head in the form of upheaval, conflict, and obstacles so to bring to our attention that there are wounds old and new brought about by our beliefs and our actions and reactions to the stuff that has happened to us throughout the course of our life…. some of which keep repeating themself and show up as patterns…

For instance, In relationships, you keep drawing the same kind of people to you… Same story different page or chapter until you realize it and then like a story you can edit it and change it… So that is what the coaching I do with people is all about and I call it Transformational Coaching.

So are you ready to get started… You’re challenge, your mission if you choose to do so is to Get Down To It!

Lean On Me

So I had a conversation with the man that I love very recently and he asked me this. What do you believe in? Of course I replied back. And today this morning I came across this song and it sums up pretty good what I believe in. So I wanted to share with you the following.
I have always loved this song…. Lean On Me.
I hope that this is the world that is coming. That we are coming to be, despite all the rage the violence, the killing, the hatred, and differences. For it is our differences that make us unique and set’s us apart from everybody… But what brings us together that binds us is what is deep in our soul and in our hearts where we know what is right and what is wrong and what our truths are….we only need to get out of our, analytical, heads,. our headspace and quit judging and criticizing others and quit rationalizing our actions and that of others. Period. For bad decisions are wrong decisions. Bad Behavior is Bad Behavior. Own Up to it, take responsibility for it. This is called accountability. We all know s_ _t happens and life ain’t easy and we all make mistakes, and until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. Just saying.
Now with that said. I am not saying let’s give everyone a pass to walk all over you, shoot, kill, robbed, rape you get the point…for that is not acceptable behavior. Period. and there are always consequences for our actions. All of us. There are no exceptions… For every action there is a reaction..that is how it is. It is one of the laws of nature… But when it comes to our family, friends, acquaintances, and those who do cross our path and in need of someone to just reach out with a smile a kind word. Or help in whatever way your circumstances will allow then wow. What a world this could be.

A world in which we all help one another through it… To overcome and rise above. In hard times, bad times, really really bad times through the devastation and in the good times too. Be that helping hand encouraging voice.
I ask that whoever believes and or has hope and dreams of this dream join me now and send prayers, thoughts, intentions for this to become our world. This my dear friends and ones that I dearly love, this is what I believe in…and is my hope for the future.. and so it is…so be it. Amen. Claim this now type below Yes or Amen, So Be It whichever you feel inclined to…

And So It Is!

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